2D Animation & Motion Graphics

EGLJ 2014 Intro Presentation – (June 2014)

EGLJ 2014 Intro from Kareem Frederick on Vimeo.


bC-7 Teaser – (July 2012) – A curious robot, code named bC-7…

Mirror’s Edge – Title Animation (fan made) – (June 2012) – A small title animation for the game Mirror’s Edge. Animated with Adobe After Effects CS5.5.


Ms Chin Productions – Logo Animation – June 2011: This is a logo animation for Ms. Chin Productions. The client developed the concept with the winking eye and “Yeah man” dialogue. I drew up the logo and animated it in Adobe After Effects.


Jonn Pwell – January 2011: This is a 2D animation experiment blending real textures and digital animation. The real textures used include canvas, paper, suede, sand paper and crayon.


Tammy: A Typical Day With Her Crackberry – April 2010: This piece is inspired by my view of the Blackberry phenomenon. My character’s name is Tammy, and we follow her on her daily routine heading from home to school, and back again. All character creation and animation was done using Adobe After Effects.


Introspection – February 2010: Based on material from my early writings, Introspection is a text animation of self – identity exploration. It contains themes of race and nationality.


My MTV Station ID Pitch – October 2009: I initially experimented with the concept of dinosaurs and space because of my early animation influences like Dinosaucers and Thundercats. I used a combination of live action on green screen, and hand drawn animation. The landscape was made out of kid’s “Playdoh” and “Moon-sand”, my character was hand drawn for animation, and my background was a superimposed image. My goal was to create a surreal but believable piece that when merged with these techniques would create a fresh and unique look.

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