Video Compositing

EGLJ 2014 Intro Presentation – (June 2014)

EGLJ 2014 Intro from Kareem Frederick on Vimeo.


I Want To Be A Konoha Ninja – August 2012 – I’m a Naruto fan, have been for years. One afternoon, after watching the latest episode of Naruto Shippuden, I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to be a Ninja. So I picked up a camera, went outside, shot some footage, edited, animated and composited a short clip that afternoon.

Composite Stages


The Magic Pencil Case – (September 2011 – February 2012) –  A kid’s TV show designed to teach kids how to draw. The show features real kids, 2D animated hosts and set pieces. I had the privilege of being the Post-Production Supervisor/ Compositor  on this project.

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Anguish to Eternity – December 2009: As a kid growing up I was always fascinated with video games. In particular I was obsessed with ‘first person shooters’. To create this piece I shot a number of live action scenes on Green Screen, edited them together and added a number of special effects in post.

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